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About Us




I am a person who loves art and child.

I always have a dream and wish for a job related to children because it is importantly meaningful to me and I hope that this job will bring to me the happiest feelings.

Although newly be imported to Vietnam, but in Western countries, this casting frame is very popular. Typically in Australia, more than 100 enterprises are operating and satisfying moms and dads because of meaningful and practical for our families. 




 With all the experience and the opportunity to experience skills from AUSTRALIA, I would like to send you a unique and most wonderful artwork to preserve unforgettable memories.



So that, I choose the baby hand and feet casting frame to bring my art love to your family. Maybe you feel my work seems a bit strange and funny, but just looking at the things that I will introduce to you below, you will understand its meaning. You are the creators of our little angels and I will be the one to help you create a hand and feet casting work of those little angels, you can save them. Someday, our little angels will grow and realize the wonderful things you have for them.




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Why you should choose IMPRESSIONS?


Come to us, you will receive a perfect artwork in which your children will be the main character of the artwork ... We promise to bring you:

Here are a few lists of our services: Customers will get their favorite beautiful frames.

* Good and attentive service, with a professional consultants team, customers will receive a beautiful picture frame follow favorite.

* Flexible in time, picture frames are made by a professional team trained by Australia's experts and strictly tested through each production stage.

* Picture frame is beautiful in frame seams with many diverse designs that you will feel when you receive the product.

* The frame will be used with the best quality because it is imported from Australia and can be used for many years.

* The thickness of the board is very high compared to the board produced in Vietnam.


* Materials for taking an impression of the baby will be imported from Italy so it will create an accurate product for each cute wrinkle, fingerprint, the footprint of the baby.

* Cast stone powder will be imported from the US And AUSTRALIA mixed with water will ensure safety, non-toxic and dust-free, and harmless to your baby.

The video introduces Impressions

  - The strength of the stone is very high, so it will be less fragile and damaged and used for many years.

* The frame area and glass surface will be made according to your choice.

* The frame will be made in-house so it will be customized to your original requirements and depends on the investment you require.

* The technique of framing does not allow air to circulate to protect from environmental damage and customers will also be advised on how to preserve paintings.